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Welcome to my official website at! Here is what you will find:

Learn More About Me

You will find more information about me, including what I like to do in my free time, what I am involved in, etc. You will also find Frequently Asked Questions as well. Updated from time to time.

My Advocacy Efforts Across Local, State, And Nationally

Want to know what I am advocating for? The Advocacy Page is your one-stop shop for what I am advocating for! From letters to petitions that you can sign, you can access it from the page.

Press Releases

For media and other people who are interested, I will be releasing statements regarding issues that are impacting the lives of the disabled communities.

My Public Appearances

This page lists all of my public appearances, whether if I was on the local news, the local newspaper, podcasts, etc.

The AV Blog

The AV Blog is your one-stop source for the latest experiences from Armando Vias himself.


From time to time, I will be live streaming videos to all platforms. Lucky for you, you can watch them on this website. You don’t need to have a Facebook or a YouTube Account to access them. Please stay updated by visiting my website regularly.

Articles, Guides And Tutorials

Want to learn more about how to make things accessible? If so, the articles, tutorials, and guides might help you on that journey.

Latest News From The AV Newsroom

Want to stay updated on what’s new with this website, and also other announcements? Click the button below to learn more.


You are always welcomed to contact me at any time. The main contact information is found at the top, and also at the bottom of this website on most pages. Please view the guidelines on this website before contacting me.


One last thing, I take accessibility very seriously on this website. If you see any accessibility issues anywhere on, you can email me at the email address specified at the very bottom of this website, where the accessibility statement is located on most pages.

Armando Vias uses Accessibility Checker to monitor our website's accessibility.

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