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Armando Vias

A Blind Community Advocate

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Armando is standing in a room smiling at the camera.


Welcome to my website, where I’ll be sharing my advocacy journey!

My name is Armando, and I am a blind individual who is advocating for the community and beyond.

Information That You’ll Find On My Website

Here’s what you’ll find on my website:

Learn More About Me

You’ll find more information about me, including but not limited to:

  • The story of how I became blind
  • My hobbies and interests
  • My involvements in different organizations
  • And so on.

Advocacy Work

From writing letters to starting petitions, you’ll find the latest advocacy work that’s posted to my website.

Guides And Tutorials

Want to learn more on different topics, such as friendships, relationships, accessibility, and technology from a blind person’s perspective? If so, the Guides And Tutorials section is your one-stop shop for up-to-date information. Here is one of the major articles from this section:

You can find all of the Guides And Tutorials by clicking the button below.


My blog is where I’ll be posting my latest experiences and reactions. Also, all of my advocacy updates will be posted to the blog.

Public Appearances

The Public Appearances Page gives you a glimpse into what I am doing out in the community. This page has me featured in forums, at meetings where I am able to speak regarding my concerns as a citizen, in the media (local/statewide, national, or international), and so on.

And Many More!

There’s a lot that you can find on my website! Use the navigation menu, located at the top of the website.

Recent Posts

Here’s a glimpse into my writings from across my website.

Contacting Me

I’m always happy to here from you! If you have a question, comment, or any suggestion, you’re welcomed to contact me at any time. Please note that I may not be immediately available. However, I promise that you’ll be able to talk to me, whether if it is via email, virtual chat, or a phone call.

Here is all of my contact information, as of April 10, 2024. This contact information is subject to change with or without notice.

Give Me A Call

The below phone number is not my cell phone (personal) number.

Send Me An Email

You’re welcomed to email me. However, emails offering Search Engine Optimization Services, web-design services, and any other email that sounds phishing will not be tolerated. Please review the guidelines before sending out an email to me.

Subscribe To The Mailing List

I’m pleased to offer a mailing list for those who do not use social media often. On this list, you’ll receive the following updates:

  • Advocacy Updates
  • New blog posts
  • And so on.

It’s absolutely free of charge to sign up!

The form to sign up is located at the bottom of the pages, located in the footer of this website.

Connect With Me On Social Media

If you use social media, you’ll be able to connect with me across social media platforms.

Facebook Group And Page

There are two ways to connect with me on Facebook:

My Facebook Page

Join My Facebook Group

My Facebook Group allows you to post your ideas, suggestions, start discussions on a particular topic, and so on. It is always free to join. You’ll receive the latest updates from me in the group as well.

My goal is to reach everyone.


While I am not on linkedIn much, you can connect with me on LinkedIn.

Subscribe To My YouTube channel

My YouTube Channel is the place where you can receive the latest content from me when I am out and about in the community. The content that you can expect to see on my YouTube Channel may include, but not limited to:

  • Advocacy
  • Elevator videos
  • And so on.

Subscribing to my YouTube Channel is always free. And, unlike other YouTube Channels, I won’t bug you with ads in the middle of videos.

Links To My YouTube Channel Page (Website) And The Official YouTube Channel (On YouTube)

My Commitment To Making My Website Accessible

I am committed to making sure that this website is accessible to all users. If you would like to send me feedback regarding any accessibility issue(s) that you’ve discovered on this website, please use the contact information above to let me know.

Events in June 2024

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