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Elevator Photography

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Let me take you on a unique journey into the world of my peculiar hobby – filming elevators. It all began when I stumbled upon the captivating videos of DieselDucy on YouTube.

His passion for elevators was infectious and soon sparked a fascination within me that I couldn’t resist.

Unlike most elevator enthusiasts, my focus lies not on the surroundings or the mechanics of the elevators themselves, but rather on capturing the experience from a first-person perspective. Whenever I ride an elevator, I train my camera on my face to document my genuine reactions as I ascend or descend.

As my interest in elevator videos grew, I found myself becoming familiar with various elevator brands, a skill I developed by watching YouTube videos from other elevator enthusiasts. By keenly listening to the sounds the elevators made when doors opened and the distinctive floor passing indicators, I could often identify the brand and model. It became a unique talent that added an extra layer of excitement to my filming adventures.

Public buildings have always held a particular allure for me when it comes to filming elevators. The magnificent ones found in shopping malls, museums, or grand hotels never fail to captivate my attention. It’s the amalgamation of architectural grandeur and the seamless functionality of public elevators that draws me in. The sleek button panels, the gentle hum of a well-maintained motor, and the elegance of each interior design element contribute to the enchantment that fuels my passion for filming these remarkable elevators.

To provide you with a glimpse into my world, I invite you to watch a video from my YouTube channel. In the video, you’ll get to join me on an elevator ride in a stunning hotel, experiencing the thrill and tranquility that can only be found within those moving metal boxes.

So, hop on board and let’s embark on this unusual journey together as we explore the intricacies of elevators and discover the joy in the most unexpected places.

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