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VICTORY! All TV Affiliates In The Middle Georgia Area Now Has Audio Description!

I, Armando Vias, along with other advocates, are proud to announce that the following TV Affiliates, and I mean all TV affiliates in the Middle Georgia area, now has audio description!

Special Thanks

For the CBS affiliate in the Middle Georgia area, I would like to give a special thanks to Jeff who called me to tell me that the audio description has been fixed! For the 41NBC affiliate, I would like to say thanks to Lori Samuels as well.

How To Access Audio Description

You should be able to access audio description via the Secondary Audio Programming Channel (SAP). Consult your TV provider for more details.


  • 2020: WGXA-TV fixes audio description issues.
  • 2020: 41NBC fixes audio Description issues, but I don’t remember if I watched NBC to confirm that the audio description issues have been fixed. I normally don’t watch prime time on NBC.
  • Feb. 2022: 13WMAZ fixes audio description issues. Audio description was working fine before in 2020.
  • Mar. 2022: 41NBC fixes audio description issues in the middle of the Olympics.

Latest Victory Tweets

Victory Tweets For All TV Affiliates