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ADA Transition Plan In Alternative Formats


  • From: Armando Vias
  • To: Jessica Bird | ADA Coordinator
  • Sent: Wednesday, January 03, 2024 at 9:53 AM Eastern Time
  • Email Or Physical Mail: Via Email
  • Priority: High Priority


Good morning Ms. Bird,

I would like to report an accessibility issue accessing the final copy of the ADA Transition Plan.

I found the ADA Transition Plan from this page, located at However, I have an issue accessing it using my screen-reader.

As you may be aware, a screen-reader is software that helps blind and visualyy-impaired users read what’s displayed on the screen. Examples of screen-readers may include, but not limited to JAWS (Job-Access With Speech), NVDA (Non-Visual Desktop Access), VoiceOver for Apple devices, and so on.

The issue that I am facing is that VoiceOver is only seeing images, meaning that it is not reading what’s displayed on the document. Here is what device(s)/browser(s) that I’ve tested for this issue, and the results of this test.

  • Safari (iPhone): Not Accessible. VoiceOver only says, “Image.”
  • Facebook Web Browser Using The Facebook App (iPhone): Hit or miss. VoiceOver can sometimes read the document.
  • Google Chrome (Mac): Not accessible. VoiceOver only says, “Image.”
  • Safari (Mac): Totally inaccessible.
  • Firefox (Mac): Not accessible. VoiceOver only says, “Empty region.”
  • Preview (Mac): Not accessible.

Here is some solutions.

  1. Make all documents accessible: I am not sure what the city uses. If the city uses Adobe, for example, you can view this guide by visiting
  2. Offer alternative document format(s) on the website: Some of us prefer different document formats, such as a Microsoft Word document, plain text (.TXT) document, and so on. Users should be able to download a version of the document of their choosing. Also, if possible, offer an audio format that should be available to view on the website as well.

I would be happy to test out future documents to make sure that it is accessible for all. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this email.

Thank you.


Armando Vias

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