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Serious Accessibility Issue On The Groome Transportation Reservation System


Dear Groome Transportation,

I am writing to you about a serious accessibility issue that I found when trying to test out the reservation system. This issue impacts people who are blind and/or visually-impaired who rely on the use of screen-readers.

As you may be aware, a screen-reader is software that reads text that is currently displayed on the device’s screen. Examples of screen-readers may include, but not limited to VoiceOver (Apple devices), JAWS for Windows (Job-Access With Speech), or NVDA (Non-visual Desktop Access).

The serious issue that I am writing to you guys is that I am not able to enter the date to reserve for the Groome Service. My screen-reader, in which I am currently using VoiceOver, is saying that it is in a group. I tried every command that VoiceOver provides to try to get into the date field, but I can’t seem to enter the date.

Also, when I clicked on the Continue Button, it loads a page listing errors, saying, “This field is required.”

While I am glad that you now have an online reservation system, I would appreciate if you can improve it, so other people like me don’t have to call you guys to book our reservation for people who can’t do it online due to the serious accessibility issues that they are facing.

I would be happy to collaborate with you guys, whether sitting down on Zoom or me coming to the Warner Robins office, to sit down with you in person, to go over solutions to fix these issues. If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this email. You can also call me at (478) 202-4002 extension 700.

Thank you.


Armando Vias

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