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Groome Transportation Letter: 06/08/2023

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Dear Groome Transportation – Warner Robins Office,

My name is Armando Vias, and I contacted you last month regarding the lack of accessibility/usability of the Groome Transportation online Reservation System.

As a blind person living in the Byron/Warner Robins area, having reliable transportation to travel to places, such as the Atlanta Airport to catch flights is very important.

As you may be aware from my previous letter that was sent on May 11, 2023, I explained what a screen-reader is, in which, to refresh your memory, a screen-reader is software that reads text and other items, such as buttons, links, etc. out loud to blind or low-vision users. Examples of tasks that blind/low-visioned users can accomplish with a screen-reader include, but not limited to sending emails for a job or an assignment, making phone calls/sending texts to colleagues and/or friends, etc.

I have also mentioned the serious accessibility issue that I have faced when trying to enter the date to reserve transportation services to the Atlanta Airport. And, I also mentioned that when I clicked (pressed) the Continue button, a page loads with a list of errors.

Like I said in the previous letter, I am grateful that you are able to provide this online reservation system, but the accessibility and usability needs to be worked on in order to make it easier for people with disabilities to operate and reserve without the hassle of tying up phone lines just to reserve a ride to the airport because they can’t use your website without running into barriers navigating it.

Looking at Lyft right now, I would have paid over $90, almost $100 or over $100, depending on what time of the day just to get from here to Atlanta. All I am asking is that people with disabilities, such as myself, need equal access to the online reservation system where it is easy to use and navigate, just like our sighted counterparts..

If you have any questions, please let me know by replying to this email. Also, I have updated my phone number, in which my updated phone number is (478) 273-0099.

Thank you.


Armando Vias


A previous letter is available to view on this website.

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