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While email was a wonderful way to stay updated, I have decided to start moving to Slack due to its ease of use. While I’ve looked into GroupMe, I now decided that Slack was a better option.

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Public Appearances

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Welcome to the public appearances page! This is where I will be sharing all of my public appearances.

You can expect to find the following:

  • All links to public events that I was involved in, such as being a guest speaker for that specific event. Examples can be social media posts, videos, etc.
  • All links to media appearances, such as articles and videos from local, national, or even international news organizations
  • And links to podcast and video interviews

Guest Speaker At Public Events

Below, you will find all of my appearances where I was speaking at the public events, listed below.

Centerville, Georgia Lions Club (August 21, 2023) (Centerville, Georgia)

I was at a meeting with the Centerville, Georgia Lions Club back in August of 2023.

Certificate of Appreciation (Posted August 30, 2023)

Facebook Posts
Picture of Certificate of Appreciation From My Facebook Page

Centerville, Georgia Lions Club Meeting (August 21, 2023)

Facebook Post From: Centerville, Georgia Lions Club

Local Media Appearances

These are all local media appearances that I was featured. Please note that the Middle Georgia area is considered local.

Houston Home Journal: September 07, 2022 (Newspaper)

Note: I was mentioned in this article. However, I was not the main person for this article.

13WMAZ (WMAZ-TV): May 18, 2022 (On TV/Online)

I was interviewed on 13WMAZ about the lack of public transportation in Warner Robins.

Video Of The Segment From 13WMAZ (WMAZ-TV)

Warner Robins Lack Of Public Transportation Creates Problem For Disabled, Those Without Cars (May 18, 2022) Segment On 13WMAZ

Facebook Post

Houston Home Journal: May 11, 2022 (Newspaper)

This was my first time appearing in the local newspaper about my advocacy efforts to improve the city of Warner Robins.

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