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Blind Man Goes Viral On Social Media After Being Stuck In Elevator In Atlanta Hotel: My Thoughts

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Saturday, November 11th, 2023

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Beginning of Post.

In my first response blog post, I am going to respond to a video that a blind man took at an Atlanta hotel back in March of this year.


Basically, the hotel, called The Hampton Inn & Suites Atlanta Midtown has an elevator that is not accessible, meaning that it uses a touchscreen as the button panel.

According to WSB-TV, Mario Bonds was visiting Atlanta on a business trip back in March when he booked a stay at the hotel.

What’s different about this hotel is that the lobby to check-in/check-out is on the 20th floor, not your standard first/ground floor for most hotels.

My Response

Before you view the video, here is my response. It is a positive one.

To Mario: You did a fantastic job of speaking up for yourself. I know that it is very frustrating that you were unable to figure out the correct buttons to push to go to the right floor. As a disability rights advocate, I am upset that there was no braille or any instructions whatsoever to operate the elevator independently like everyone else.

I will be keeping an eye on updates about the hotel, whether they improve the accessibility of the elevator.


The Original Video

From Atlanta News First

From Atlanta News First


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