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We Want To Hear What Your Voice Sounds Like

This post lets the sighted community know that we, the blind community, want to hear the sound of their voice.

Hey! And Welcome to my official blog for! I am so excited for you to have come to my blog to read my posts! So, a huge welcome to you!

Here is a little introduction on me. My name is Armando, and I am a blind person. I like to make new friends, meet new people, etc. I also have a girlfriend.

Today, I’m going to teach you something, or tell you something about us as blind folks.


I’m not writing this post to offend people. I’m only writing this post to let everyone know in the sighted community on the ways that we communicate as blind folks. So, let’s move on.

My Story On Why I’m Writing This Post

So, this started on Thursday night, August 19, 2021. A few days ago, I met someone, who was sighted, through a support Facebook Group. I’m not going to name the person due to privacy reasons. I asked the person if I could hear what their voice sounds like. Unfortunately, the person said that they were shy right now. Let me put this out there, that I get it that people are shy, and don’t want to talk right now.

Later on that night, I got a message from the person, asking if I had a crush on the person. This made me feel confused, but I said no and asked the person why she asked that.

Let me be clear on this. I ask new people to hear their voice for a reason, especially in the sighted community. One of the reasons is that it makes a mental picture in my mind. Another reason is that we cannot see what you look like via photos. Also, if you met someone online, and you just text them without hearing how their voice sounds like, you may feel like you are talking to a robot in your mind. Having that voice, for us who are blind, makes a connection in our minds.

This reason is for people who are single. If a blind person is looking for someone to date, they are naturally attracted to someone’s voice, not their looks. The sighted community, however, judges us by our looks. All we judge on, as blind folks, is the sound of someone’s voice.

Sometimes, we compliment on someone’s voice, just like in the sighted community, they compliment on what other people look like. We might say, “I like your voice.” This doesn’t mean that we have a crush on you. If a blind person is single, however, looking for a date, then it’s a different story.

A Challenge For All Sighted Folks

I have a challenge for all of you who are reading this post. Like I said, I get it that some of you are shy. I completely understand that. But one thing that you need to know is that we, the blind community, want to hear your voice at some point. I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone by sending us a voice message, or even making a phone call, like a phone call before the texting days. We will be happy to hear what your voice sounds like so we can make a connection in our minds. Like I said, I’m not writing this post to offend people. I am writing this post to educate the sighted community on methods that we use to communicate.

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