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Armando Vias Connections Monthly Newsletter For August 2023


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Armando’s Corner

Hello everyone,

July has been an up and down month, with a fun vacation to Texas to a failed and the last minute cancelation of a virtual community event on July 29, 2023, celebrating the 33rd Anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act, and also celebrating Disability Pride Month.

While I won’t speak in this newsletter for long, I would like to tell you that when I was in Texas, I was reminded of the serious work that needs to be done back in Warner Robins, and all across Houston County. Also, since the Georgia Academy for The Blind is located in Macon, Georgia, it doesn’t make sense that Macon doesn’t have a Talking Accessible pedestrian signal. Also, what’s worse is when I was in Downtown Macon for a gathering to raise funds for Macon Pride, there was no Talking Pedestrian Signal to even cross the street.

I remembered a while back when I was doing orientation and mobility with someone from the Georgia Academy for The blind, I came across a pedestrian crosswalk, where it churped. That was cool to me at the time.

When I visit Augusta, Georgia to see family members, on Broad Street, located in Downtown Augusta, there is a Talking Accessible Pedestrian Signal. And, a family member told me that there is a crosswalk that beeps in Warner Robins, but I haven’t heard it for myself to know if it works or not.

So, this month, I’ll be hopefully going to reach out to the City of Warner Robins, and hopefully advocate on making intersections more safer and more accessible to all residents of Houston County in the Warner Robins area.

Armando Vias

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This letter was sent on Friday, July 07, 2023.

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Talking Accessible Pedestrian Signal In Austin, Texas On Denson Drive / Airport Boulevard (Uploaded July 15, 2023)

I was able to capture a Talking Accessible Pedestrian Signal when I was on vacation in Austin, Texas.

Talking Accessible Pedestrian Signal In Austin, Texas On Denson Drive / Airport Boulevard


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