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Armando Vias releases Statement After Macon-Bibb County Commissioners Agree to Give MBTA Money To Prevent Fare Increase

Reading Time: < 1 minute “We have citizens in Macon who rely on bus services, and also citizens who use Paratransit Services in the county to get around,” says Armando Vias in a statement released today after hearing the news that the Macon-Bibb Transit Authority And Macon-Bibb County Commissioners agreed to not raise the bus…

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Thursday, November 23rd, 2023

Macon, GA. – Armando Vias, a blind and a disability rights advocate, is today releasing a statement after an agreement between Macon-Bibb County Transit Authority and the Macon-Bibb County Commissioners.

They agreed to not increase the bus fares, in which the increase in fares would have an impact on disabled citizens who use Paratransit Services.

Here is the full statement:

As someone who deeply cares about people with different abilities, such as those with disabilities, I commend the leaders in Bibb County and to all advocates who stood up and told them that this will not happened. We have citizens in Macon who rely on bus services, and also citizens who use Paratransit Services in the county to get around. While this is not the end, I will keep an eye on this for the foreseeable future until one of the following solutions could hopefully be discussed:

  • Either the MBTA expands routes to under-served areas. This will bring in more revenue from people who hasn’t had access to public transit services in that area before.
  • More funding would be provided to MBTA in order to keep the prices the same.

Even though that I don’t live in the county, I will always try to be there for all citizens who may be impacted, such as those withdisabilities.

Armando Vias | Blind And Disability Rights Advocate


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