Media Appearances

On this page, you will find all links to the media appearances that I was in.


  • Some information, such as mentioning my old website ( is out of date. This website ( will have the latest (up-to-date) information.

Local Media Appearances

Below, you will find all local media appearances where I was featured in.

Houston Home Journal: September 07, 2022 (Newspaper)

Note: I was mentioned in this article.

13WMAZ (WMAZ-TV): May 18, 2022 (On TV/Online)

I was interviewed on 13WMAZ about the lack of public transportation in Warner Robins.

Video Of The Segment From 13WMAZ (WMAZ-TV)

WR Lack of Transportation Creates Problem For Disabled, Those Without Cars (May 18, 2022)

Houston Home Journal: May 11, 2022 (Newspaper)

This was my first time appearing in the local newspaper about my advocacy efforts to improve the city of Warner Robins. This article mentions my old website, in which it now forwards to this website if someone tries to type my old website into the address bar of their browser.

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