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Armando Vias – Blind Advocate

The Official Website Of Armando Vias, A Blind Advocate From The United States

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Statement Released After The Airing of Armando Vias

Statement Released After The Airing of Armando Vias


Warner RObins, GA: Armando VIas has released a statement regarding yesterday’s local news coverage on A Blind Man Advocating FOr Public Transportation. You can view the Facebook Post from 13WMAZ.

Credit: 13WMAZ News

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Beginning With Statement

“Before I get into my statement, I would like to thank you for your opinions/comments. I deeply appreciate it.

I would like to thank Molly from 13WMAZ for putting this together.

Now, let’s get to my statement.

Aria Vs. AIRA

If you watched the video above, you heard the word “aria,” and how it is a device. I would like to be clear, that AIRA is a visual-interpreting service, where trained agents assist the blind and the visually-impaired with every day tasks, such as reading printed mail, requesting rides from Lyft, etc. You will find an example below, on the AIRA YouTube Channel. This was filmed years ago, when they use to have glasses.

AIRA Example

This is it for now. For any updates, please check back here.”

End Of Statement