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Armando Vias – Blind Advocate

The Official Website Of Armando Vias, A Blind Advocate From The United States

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Press Release: Statement Regarding The Petition And The Need To Step Up Advocacy Efforts In Houston County

Press Release: Statement Regarding The Petition And The Need To Step Up Advocacy Efforts In Houston County


Warner Robins/Houston County, GA: Armando Vias, a blind advocate, has released the below statement in regards to his petition on regarding making the city accessible to the blind. Not only just the blind, his goal is to make it more accessible to the disabled community. All citizens who are interested in reading this comment can do so as well, and this comment may be updated from time to time. For media personnel, there will be resources, at the bottom of the feedback form, where citizens can send direct feedback. If you are from the media, you may use my contact form.

Making the city of Warner Robins, Georgia accessible to the blind is the top priority for me. Not only just the blind, all disabled communities as well. As a member of an organization that raises expectations for blind people, I believe that raising expectations in the city of Warner Robins is one-step closer to making the city accessible for all. This may include, but not limited to accessible buses, accessible sidewalks, street crossings, etc.

If we, the people of the city of Warner Robins, don’t advocate, then we will be left out. I could be wrong, but if I am the only blind advocate in the county that is advocating for public transportation and other accessibility initiatives, then, it is time for all of us to step up and advocate for our needs as citizens of Houston County, and the City of Warner Robins.

I wrote a post on my public Facebook Page

to the Mayor, mentioning 13WMAZ, 41NBC, etc.

I understand that some people don’t have time to advocate, but this city is growing, and we need to act now. And what I mean by acting now is by calling/emailing our leaders, including the Mayor, The Commissioners, etc. We will not rest until we get results. You are free to send me questions or your opinions on this page. I will be happy to reply to your emails as soon as possible with the right response.

I will be willing to work on both sides of the isle. We must remember to Unite together to come up with a solution that everyone can agree on. It is okay that some of us will have disagreements, but as a city, we have to expand our access to public transportation.

If you haven’t already, please sign my petition.

Armando Vias
Blind Advocate | national Federation of The Blind Of Georgia (At-Large Chapter)

Resources For Media Personnel/Citizens

Feel free to check out the resources below.


If you are a citizen of Warner Robins, the surrounding areas, or any other city/state, you may call the Make Warner Robins, Georgia Accessible To THe Blind Hotline at the phone number below. For media personnel, I recommend that you use this contact form.

If you would like to send me feedback, you can use the Contact Form.