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The birthday page has been published! Click the link below to visit the birthday page, where you will find up-to-date information on events, wishlists, etc.

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What I (Really) Want For My #21st Birthday?

This is my birthday wishlist, in more detailed. Some items are sel-explanatory though.

This is a detailed blog post about my birthday. Some items are self-explanatory though. As of right now, this post was published on September 11, 2021, meaning that there are four more days left until my birthday! You can access the birthday wishlist here. (opens in new tab)

The list will go in order. My birthday will be celebrated all month long!


This is probably self-explanatory. One thing that I would like to say about this item is that I would like to thank someone for sending me a gift. It means a lot to me!
CashApp: $aviasme or Click this link to go to my CashApp. (opens in new tab)
PayPal: Click here to go to my PayPal. (opens in new tab)

Multiple Car Rides With Different Friends

Yes!!! I really love to go on car rides. The bad thing is that I haven’t had that opportunity to go on rides, where friends just drive you around, when I was younger. I believe that riding around with my friends will be life changing for me. We can just talk and chill, and possibly listen to music. And even that song Driver’s License By Olivia Rodrigo makes me want to go for a ride with someone. (opens in new tab) I’ve been desperate for a car ride (driving around) for a very very long time, and I mean a very very long time since I was a teenager. So, if you wuld like to drive me around, you know how to contact me. It doesn’t have to happen on my birthday though, but hopefully it will happen very soon.

A Road Trip To Atlanta With One Of My Friends

Same thing as a car ride, but more fun of course. One day, I would like to go up to Atlanta with one of my friends to explore the city.

An Adult Beverage

This one is self-explanatory as well. So, this will not go into details.

An iTunes eGift Card

Do you know what I like to buy with an iTunes Gift Card? I like to buy music. I use the music for my radio station, in which hopefully it will come back soon. You can send the iTunes eGift Cards to

Mexican Food

Of course, I would like some Mexican food, for dinner. It’s good food, and it tastes good as well.

Cake And Ice Cream

The last thing on the list is cake and ice cream, specifically chocolate! Yeah!

I hope that you enjoyed reading this blog post. If you have any comments, please feel free to write them down below.

May god bless!

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