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Currently, I am advocating for Warner Robins, Georgia to become an accessible city. To learn more, visit the advocacy page specifically for this petition on the website. You will also find the link to sign the petition below.

I have also release a statement regarding this issue. I may release more statements in the future.

Armando Vias

Advocating for disability inclusion, Member of National Federation of The Blind of Georgia (At-Large Chapter), Member of National Association of Blind Students

Today’s Bible Verse Is The Following

To set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.

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About Me


A Smiling Face Of Armando Vias
Picture of Armando Vias


Armando Vias is a blind person from the United States, specifically Georgia. He is a web-accessibility/disability rights advocate who also strives to fight for the rights of the blind and the visually-impaired communities, and strives to fight to protect the rights of other disabled communities as well.

He was born at 28-weeks with a condition called Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP). ROP is described as an eye disorder caused by abnormal blood vessel growth in the light sensitive part of the eyes (retina) of premature infants. Source: Mayo Clinic

Hobbies & Interests

He enjoys the following, but not limited to:

  • Long car rides with true friends
  • Making new true friends
  • Listening to music (Top 40/Pop Mostly)
  • Watching YouTube Videos
  • Watching TV (Television (mainly CBS))
  • Going to church
  • Blogging
  • Advocating for accessibility/disability rights
  • Helping others with technology issues
  • Helping people set up technology
  • Learning new technologies
  • Etc.

High School Graduate

He recently graduated high school (class of 2021) from the Georgia Academy For The Blind, (GAB) located in Macon, Georgia.

Memberships That He Is Involved In

He is currently a member of the following organizations, as of May 2022:

Advocacy Priorities

For his advocacy, he currently is petitioning the city of Warner Robins to make the city accessible to the blind.

Featured In The News!

Armando Vias has been in the local news a couple of times. He was featured on the following local news platforms, as of June of 2022.


Warner Robins’ lack of public transportation creates problem for disabled, those without cars: Credit (13WMAZ)

Houston Home Journal (For Houston County, GA)

How To Contact

He can be reached by emailing him directly at the following email address below. Please do not miss-use this email address.

You can also call/text him at this special phone number, only designated for the blog and other things as well. Please note that this is not his cell phone number.


He reserves the right to record phone calls at any time. Please be positive in your emails/texts/calls. He reserves the right to put you on the block list if he feels like your calls/texts/emails are negatively impacting him.

Support Me On This Journey

Making and maintaining this website costs a lot of time and effort. If you like the work that I am doing so far, you can feel free to support me in the following ways:

This is the QR Code to pay me on Venmo.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below, you will find frequently asked questions to get to know more about me.

How Do I Read And Type, Even Though That I Am Blind?

Below, you will find the answers to this question. I keep getting asked this question, so this is the answer.

For Screen-Readers

I use what’s called a screen-reader that reads text that is displayed on the screen. Examples may include, but not limited to the following:

For Typing

I do use a regular keyboard, even though that we have braille keyboards. These devices are called assistive technology. Some examples of assistive technology may include, but not limited to the following:

What Do I Look For In A Friendship/Relationship?

Here is what I am looking for in a long-term friendship/relationship, as of May 13, 2022:

  • Someone who really likes to drive around a lot.
  • Someone that I can talk to all the time without being left behind.
  • Someone that doesn’t judge me.
  • Someone who will not reject me.
  • Someone that will reach out to me if I don’t feel well.
  • Someone that will try their best to invite me.
  • Someone that will support me.
  • Etc.

I feel more comfortable talking to female friends. Maybe because they understand more or something. Maybe that is who I prefer to talk to. Everyone is still welcomed to talk to me though.

Have you Been Rejected?

The sad and the true answer is yes. This question is technically (not)a frequently asked question, but I believe that putting this question out their will help other people understand what I am going through. I am sure that other blind people experienced rejection as well, as rejections are not funny at all! It is hurting and upsetting to be honest. I believe that everyone should include a person with a disability in activities, such as driving them around, just you and them, and talking. Maybe they have a lot of stuff that they need to get off of their chest. You can find more information on how to include someone with a disability by clicking this link.

More Questions?

If you have other questions, you may use my contact information, or, you can use my contact form.