This is a picture of Armando Vias

About Me


This is a picture of Armando Vias
Picture of Me

Born In: 2000

About Me

Hi! My name is Armando, and I am from the United States. I am a blind and a disability rights advocate who strives to advocate for the rights for the blind and the disabled communities. I am also blind as well. Hence, I built this website to keep you updated on my advocacy journey.

I was born with an eye condition called Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) at 28-weeks.

Yes, I was less than three pounds, in which it caused my eye condition.

I am a graduate of the Georgia Academy for The Blind (class of 2021).

My Current Hobbies And Interests

I really enjoy the following activities, including but not limited to:

  1. Car rides: Long and fun ones to be exact (with friends)
  2. Making new friends in the community
  3. Listening to music (top 40/pop) to be exacct
  4. Going to church services
  5. Meeting and getting to know new people in the community
  6. Watching YouTube videos
  7. Working with technology
  8. Advocating
  9. Teaching people how to work with technology, such as assisting them with specific tasks
  10. Riding/filming elevators (note I don’t do this very often)

Media Appearances

I was recently featured in the Houston Home Journal and on 13WMAZ due to lack of accessibility in Warner Robins, such as the lack of public transportation.

My Story On 13WMAZ

You can view all of the links to my media Appearances by clicking the link below, located in the list.

Contacting Me (Updated Information Below)

I am happy to answer your questions at any time. Also, feel free to send me feedback at any time by using the following options:

Phone Numbers

Here are the phone numbers that you can call or text in order to reach me. As of January 5, 2023, the local number was ported into the new phone system. Please see the announcement that was posted yesterday.

Toll-Free (NEW!)

If you are worried about your phone provider charging you long-distance calls, now, you don’t have to worry anymore! The current toll-free phone number is 1 (855) 521-1112.

Local Phone Number (Based In The Warner Robins, GA Area)

If you Prefer to use the local phone number, you can do so by calling +1 (478) 273-0099.

Via Email

If you prefer to email, that is okay as well.

Follow Me On Social Media

You can find me on these platforms, listed below. Feel free to get in touch using those platforms.

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