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Armando Vias

A Blind Community Advocate

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Elevator Videography

On this page, you will find more information about my strange hobby of filming elevators, also known as elevator videography.

How It Started?

When I was little, I started watching elevator videos. One of the elevator enthusiasts that I liked to watch was DieselDucy, who was the first person to record elevator videos in 1993.

He inspired me to start filming elevators. So, in 2017, at the National Federation of The Blind of Georgia State Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, I filmed one of my first elevators.

How I Film Elevators?

As of right now, I use my phone’s front camera to point to my face. That way, if you are watching my elevator videos, you will see my reactions.

Where Do I Film Elevators?

Here is where I film elevators:

  • Hotels
  • Public buildings, e.g., libraries, city halls, airports, and so on.

However, I do not film hospitals and doctor’s offices due to HIPAA. More information on privacy can be found below.


For me, privacy is very important. Every time that I film elevator videos, and also audio, I review each audio and video and edit out parts of the audio/videos to remove other passengers voices. Hence, some of the elevator videos may seem shorter than usual.

Also, if I am staying at a hotel, I will film the elevator multiple times to get the best footage, especially when the elevators are not busy at the moment.

Rest assured that I take privacy very seriously, and I’ll make sure that every single audio/video that I record is uploaded with just me in the video. If I have friends in the video, I’ll let them know that I’ll be uploading that video so they will know as well, and to make sure that they are okay with it.

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