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May 11, 2023


This page goes over all of the guidelines set forth on This page will also go over what is and what is not allowed when reaching out to me via this website.

I reserve the right to update these guidelines in the future with or without notice.

The Layout Of Each Section Of The Guidelines

Below, you will find an overview of the layout of the guidelines. It will consists of the following:

  1. The Guideline Topic (Heading Level Two).
  2. What I Allow (Heading Level Three).
  3. And, What I Don’t Allow (Also At Heading Level Three).


I allow everyone to email me at anytime. Please use the email addresses that are available on this website. You will find the main email address at the top of almost every page, and the direct email address almost at the bottom of each page.

What I Allow

You are allowed to email me about anything. See below for what I don’t allow, however.

What I Don’t Allow

Please read this information very carefully below on what I don’t allow.

  • Spam: Spam is defined as junk mail. Examples of junk mail that I will not allow include, but not limited to:
    • SEO Proposal Scams (Also Known As Search Engine optimization) Scams. You will not receive a response from me. It will most likely end up in the spam folder anyway.
    • X-Rated Messages: While I haven’t yet received any messages that are X-Rated, I’ll put this out there.
    • Other Scams such as the Nigerian Scam, bank scams, etc.
  • Hateful content: While everyone has the right to opinions, in which I fully believe, you don’t have the right to send hateful emails to my inbox. If you would like to send suggestions for how I can improve in an area, you are free to do so. However, cussing/spamming/blasting me via email will not be tolerated.
  • Emails Without A Subject/Message: Please include an accurate subject and an accurate message before sending out your email to me.

Calling Me

You are free to call me at anytime. This website currently has one (1) phone number. See notes below this section.

What I Allow

  • Positive Feedback: You can call me to leave positive feedback about what I do.
  • Asking Questions: You are free to ask me questions.
  • And other things that I will permit on call by call.

What I Don’t Allow

  • Prank Calling: I will not allow you to prank call me for any reason. An example of prank calling may include, but not limited to me answering the phone and then hanging up after a few seconds. I identify you if you are prank calling me by calling me more than one time per hour and doing the same thing over and over again. Doing this will result in a warning from me. If I know you personally, I will reach out to you personally warning you, and to read this page of guidelines set forth on this website. If this continues, however, your phone number will be blocked on my phone system. This will be strictly enforced.
  • Telemarketing/Scam Calls: Please do not call me to sell me something or to try to rip me off.
  • Leaving Hateful/Threatening/Harassing Voicemails: I will not tolerate voicemails that are hateful. You may, however, leave any suggestions on how to improve in an area constructively, but shouting/screaming/cussing/raging will not be tolerated, and will result in one of the following actions, if appropriate:
    • The blockage of your phone number on the system.
    • The hateful/threatening voicemail being sent to local authorities, along with your phone number.


  • In the future, I reserve the right to record phone calls.
  • While you can reach me 24/7, I will not be available to answer the phone at all times.

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